A Guide to Butt Plugs: Learn What a Butt Plug is, The Various Styles & How to Use a Butt Plug!

Anal play has become increasingly common over the past few years, with statistics showing that over 40% of people in the US aged 20-24 have engaged in anal play or anal sex. So, it’s no surprise that there’s been a rise in the popularity of anal toys!

Butt plugs are probably the most well-known of all the anal toys on the market, and rightfully so! Butt plugs offer a variety of benefits, from helping stimulate the nerves in the anus to increasing the pleasure experienced with vaginal intercourse! They’re also perfect for both beginners and those that are a little more experienced with ass play, since there are many different types and sizes out there! So, what’s not to like?

However, if you’ve just bought your first plug or you’re thinking of getting one, you might want to know a little bit more about them before jumping straight in! So, if you’re wondering, “what does a butt plug do?”, you want an answer to the question, “what is the purpose of a butt plug?”, or you’re looking to get more knowledgeable about the types of butt plugs, take a read of this article!

Answering Some Frequently Asked Questions…

Before we start talking about the different types of butt plugs out there or give you information about how to prepare yourself for using them, it’s important to set the record straight about a few myths surrounding butt plugs and share the basics of them with you, by answering a few of the most commonly asked questions.

What Is A Butt Plug Used For?

Butt plugs are used for a variety of reasons, but the aim is pleasure! The anus is full of sensitive nerve endings that can create pleasurable feelings and orgasms when stimulated. For men, the “male g-spot”, known as the p-spot, is located in the prostate, and therefore when stimulated can provide intense, fast orgasms.

Although butt plugs can be used for masturbation, with a partner, to enjoy a specific kink, to stretch the anus, for double penetration, or for on-the-go pleasure, anyone that uses a butt plug does enjoy the feeling of using it. After all, their purpose is to bring pleasure.

What Does A Butt Plug Feel Like?

Although the sensation for each person is different when they use a butt plug, generally, most people experience a feeling of fullness once the plug is in.

When inserting the plug, some people may experience a feeling as if they are being penetrated, but once the plug is in, it’s designed to sit within the anus, not be moved in and out, hence the feeling of fullness rather than the penetration-like feeling that comes with toys that provide an in-and-out motion.

Although insertion may feel slightly tight, using a butt plug should never be painful. If you experience pain when using a plug, you’re most likely doing it wrong - for example, not using enough lube, not reaching a certain level of arousal before insertion, not easing into it, and not starting small enough!

Do Butt Plugs Help To Prepare For Anal Sex?

Not everyone that has anal sex uses butt plugs, just as not all of those that use butt plugs practice anal sex - the two are not inextricably linked! However, butt plugs can help to prepare for anal sex in a variety of ways. You can work on getting comfortable with anal play with butt plugs, as well as stretch the anus by moving up with the sizes of the butt plugs you use, and you can use butt plugs during foreplay.

Are Butt Plugs Safe?

Butt plugs are safe, as long as you use them correctly! So, let’s take a look at some safety basics that you absolutely need to know about when it comes to using them.

Anything You Insert Into Your Anus Needs A Base

Pretty much all butt plugs have proper bases, hence the reason they’re called plugs! However, it’s crucial for you to know that anything you put up your butt needs to have a base to it to ensure that it doesn’t get sucked up and cause a problem.

Always Use Lube

Lube is a useful addition to a lot of sexual activity, but it’s essential when you’re engaging in anal play. Since the anus does not produce its own type of natural lubrication, you have to use a substantial amount of lube in order to make the insertion process of any type of anal toy easy and painless. So, make sure you lube up (if you’re unsure which type of lube you should use for your specific toy, check out this article all about lube!).

Clean Your Toy Properly and Practice Safe Sex

You have to clean your sex toys and practice safe sex with them (if you’re sharing them with other people) in order to ensure that they don’t collect bacteria and give you any kind of infection.

If you are sharing your butt plug with someone else or multiple other people, you can practice safe sex with butt plugs by using a condom on them. You need to use a new condom any time anyone new uses the plug. For example, if you and a partner both want to use the plug, you should both use separate condoms - so, stock up on them if you’re going to be sharing your toys!

In addition, toys need to be cleaned after every single use. Each type of toy needs to be cleaned differently, depending on whether it’s motorized or not, and what type of material it’s made from. Brush up on your sex toy cleaning knowledge here!

The Different Types of Butt Plugs

There’s an array of different butt plugs out there and therefore it’s useful to know the main types of plugs so you can get informed and think about what’s going to suit you best.

Classic Butt Plugs

Classic butt plugs are rather thin towards the tip and thicker towards the base, making insertion easier by allowing the anal muscles to relax as the plug is inserted and held in the anus. These types of toys are typically made from silicone or PVC.

Jeweled Butt Plugs

Jeweled butt plugs have become increasingly common since they’re not only incredibly pleasurable since they have wider girth in comparison to classic butt plugs, and since they’re cute - they’re jeweled on the end after all! These types of plugs are typically made from stainless steel.

Tail Plugs

Tail butt plugs are normal butt plugs that have a fake animal tail attached. This tail is made to replicate an animal tail such as a fox, a dog, or a cat, but can also be vibrantly colored. These types of butt plugs are often used by those who enjoy role-playing.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

If you’re keen on mixing a vibrator with an anal plug, you’ll be pleased - vibrating butt plugs exist! These types of plugs typically have multiple speed settings and some are even remote-controlled (like our Alora Vibrating Plug!), and are available in a variety of sizes and materials, just like other plugs.

Inflatable Butt Plugs

Inflatable butt plugs, much like inflatable dildos, are butt plugs that you can pump to a size that you feel satisfies you. You simply insert the butt plug and use the hand pump that puts air into the dildo and inflates it, then you do so to a size that makes you feel the most pleasure possible!

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Have fun and be safe!