A Guide to Rabbit Vibrators: How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator & Tips to Finding the Best Rabbit Vibrator

A Guide to Rabbit Vibrators. How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator. Learn About Rabbit Vibrators and Shop the Alora Rabbit Vibrator.
Your Guide to Rabbit Vibrators & Experiencing Blended Orgasms!

Rabbit Vibrators were brought into the world in the early 1980s by Vibratex. Since the company created their toys in Japan, they were made to be bright, colorful, and cute to ensure that they could skirt around the obscenity laws, hence the reason that they were made to look like rabbits!

Once people started to discover the pleasure of this new type of vibrator for women, it grew exponentially in popularity and quickly became one of the most well-known types of sex toys on the market.

Rabbit vibrators are different from classic vibrators since they have both an internal shaft that stimulates the vagina as well as an external shaft that stimulates the clitoris. Rabbit vibrators, therefore, produce wonderfully explosive blended orgasms that take you to new heights of pleasure.

Whether you’ve got a special new toy but you’re not sure how to use vibrators, or you’re keen to read a vibrator “how to” before you purchase one, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re going to tell you about the best sex toy materials, give you some tips on how to use rabbit vibrators and g-spot vibrators (similar to rabbit vibrators!), and tell you about the best rabbit vibrators on the market.

So, let’s dive in and get buzzy!

Material Do’s and Don’ts

The material that a sex toy is made from is should be a deciding factor on any of your purchases. Unfortunately, a lot of sex toy companies use cheap, porous materials to create their toys in order for a greater profit. However, these porous materials are not safe for your body - they are much more likely to harbor bacteria and some even contain phthalates (carcinogens).

So, you have to choose a body-safe material to ensure that the likelihood of your toy giving you any type of infection or reaction is lower.

Choose Toys Made Out Of These Materials:

Body-safe/Medical Grade Silicone

Stainless Steel

Borosilicate Glass

Avoid Toys Made Out Of These Materials:




How To Clean Vibrators

Before we tell you how to use rabbit and g-spot vibrators, it’s important to talk about how to clean them! You have to clean each sex toy every time you use it to ensure that it doesn’t have any nasty bacteria on it that could give you an infection.

Vibrators have electrical components, and therefore unless a toy is specifically stated to be fully waterproof, you should not fully submerge it within water. Instead, to clean a vibrator, you should fill a bowl or sink with water, take a clean cloth, use fragrance-free, mild, antibacterial soap and clean it. In addition, dipping your cloth in a solution of 1/10 bleach and 9/10 water in your sink is also great for cleaning. Make sure you have fully washed any soap residue from the vibrator before drying it and using it.

How To Use A Vibrator

Now that we’ve covered some of the most important basics to ensure that you’re not only pleasured but safe, the time is here for us to tell you how to use a rabbit vibrator! So, let’s get to the good stuff!

How To Use A Rabbit Vibrator

  1. Set The Mood

Before you even think about putting your toy on your body, you need to set the mood. Although some people might be happy to have a quickie with their toy, the most pleasurable solo sessions happen when you take time to truly enjoy the experience. So, whether having a hot bubble bath, wearing your favorite lingerie, or lighting a few candles and dimming the lighting gets you in the mood, do whatever you need to make yourself feel sexy and aroused!

2. Use The Vibrator on Different Areas of The Body

Using your vibrator on different parts of your body can heighten your arousal and be the perfect way to add a little buzz to foreplay before you insert the vibrator. Explore your body with the vibrator and see what feels good for you, after all, there are a number of interesting erogenous zones - the neck, inner thighs, stomach, armpit, and mouth!

3. Use The Vibrator Over Your Pants

Although rabbit vibrators typically have different settings, sometimes even the lowest settings may be a little too intense at first. So, if you know that you have a very sensitive clitoris, you may want to start off by using the vibrator over your pants first, until you become more aroused and are able to receive the full vibrators on your bare skin.

4. Grab The Lube

Lube isn’t essential when using a rabbit vibrator, but it can help the insertion of the toy and it can bring you enhanced pleasure. So, before you start to insert the vibrator, you may want to use a few drops of lube on yourself and on the tips of the toy. If you’re not sure which lube to use with the type of toy you’ve chosen, take a look at our lube guide!

5. Insert the Rabbit Vibrator

Once you’re fully aroused and ready to insert the rabbit vibrator, all you have to do is gently push the longer part of the vibrator into your vagina. Once you’ve done this, you will most likely already have the “rabbit” part of the vibrator on your clitoris, but in case you don’t, you can easily move it so that it rests on and stimulates the clitoris.

Sex Swings are Fun to Use & Great to Explore New Sex Positions! Shop the Alora Sex Swing.
Sex Swings are Fun to Use & Great to Explore New Sex Positions!

6. Try Different Positions

Missionary position might be the favored position to use with a rabbit vibrator simply because it’s easy, but you can use these types of vibrators in a variety of positions, so explore them! You can also use a rabbit vibrator with different sex furniture, such as sex swings, to add a little vibration to your kink or role play!

7. If Waterproof, Use In The Bath or Shower

As long as the rabbit vibrator is fully waterproof, you can explore with it in the shower or bath. Using a vibrator in the shower or bath can enhance your orgasms, by adding a more erotic side to your masturbation - what’s not sexy about warm water dripping down your skin whilst you climax?!

8. Use It With A Partner

Bringing toys in the bedroom with your partner can open up a whole new world of sexual fulfillment for both of you, so why not ask your partner if they’d like your little vibrating friend to join you sometime? Just remember, your partner may or may not be into using toys with you, so lead the conversation carefully, listen to their feelings, and make sure they know that you’re not replacing them with your toy, but rather adding it into an already exciting experience.

How To Use A G-Spot Vibrator

To use a g-spot vibrator, you should follow pretty much all of the points above (1-4 and 6-8!). However, G spot vibrators are different from rabbit vibrators, and therefore the actual insertion and use of the device will be different.

You can use G-spot vibrators in a variety of ways, but typically, you can insert the smaller part of the vibrator into the vagina, and the larger part sits outside the vagina, stimulating the clit. This also allows room for other penetration, by another toy or a penis.

You can also put the larger part of the toy into the vagina and have the smaller part on the clit, or you can enjoy double penetration by putting one of the ends into the anus and the other into the vagina. As with any toy, experiment with your g-spot vibrator and see what feels good for you!

Here’s one of the most popular G-spot vibrators on the market - The Rechargeable Clitoral & G-Spot Vibrator, Waterproof Couples Vibrator.

Popular Rabbit Vibrators Out There:

Now you know how wonderful rabbit vibrators can be and you’re an expert on how to use them, it might be time to get yourself one! So, here is our shortlist of the best rabbit vibrators (and one g-spot vibrator!) out there.

The Alora Rabbit Vibrator

The Alora Rabbit Vibrator is a fully waterproof, medical-grade silicone rabbit vibrator that has 9 vibration modes, dual-action technology for G-spot and clitoris stimulation, all of which are controlled with a 3-button control pad at the base of the toy. It’s also sold at a super reasonable price point of $59.99!

LELO Soraya Wave

The LELO Soraya Wave is a fully waterproof rabbit vibrator made from body-safe silicone. The Soraya Wave uses WaveMotion technology and has 8 different pleasure settings. This toy is sold at a more expensive price of $175, so although it might be for those that enjoy luxury living, it might not be suitable for all.

Fun Factory Rabbit Vibrator

The Fun Factory Rabbit Vibrator is a silicone, waterproof vibrator with dual-action technology and devil horns rather than rabbit ears that focused on the clit or frenulum. The toy is priced at $89.98.