A Sex Swing Positions Guide: Learn About Sex Swings & The Fun Positions You Can Experience in Air

Updated: Jun 14

Sex swings are one of the hottest sex accessories out there, allowing you to explore the world of BDSM, reduce physical barriers such as strength and height between you and your partner, and explore unique, exciting positions.

Whether you’re ready to push the “buy now” button, or you have your sex swing sitting in its box ready for its first outing, you might want to know how to use the swing to the best of your ability for maximum pleasure.

If you’re unsure where to start when exploring sex swing positions, don’t panic. We’re going to give you a full sex swing position guide, so you can swing to your heart’s content and explore your sexuality in an exciting and kinky way!

The Best Type of Sex Swing - Door Sex Swings

There are a variety of different sex swings out there, including sex slings, traditional ceiling hanging swings, 360 swings, and even swings that you attach to your partner’s body.

However, one of the most popular types of swings out there are over door swings - you can attach them simply and easily by putting the straps over the door frame and shutting the door.

If you’re not already a sex swing owner, or you’re keen to try an over door swing, check out our Alora door sex swing (it’s easy, portable, and features medical-grade straps as well as premium velour suspension cuffs!).

Although you can try the sex positions in this article on any type of sex swing that you choose, we are going to specifically take a look at the best over-the-door sex swing positions, well, because they’re the best!

How To Try New Sex Positions Safely

When you’re engaging in any kind of sexual activity, the most important thing you need to do is practice explicit consent with whoever you’re enjoying pleasure with.

Consent should be practiced properly with a partner or partners, before engaging in any type of sexual activity, and when you’re trying new positions or exploring any kind of new kink, it’s incredibly important to continue practising consent through the experience.

Sex swings can also be dangerous if not used properly. So, make sure you take care when using one by following our guide. Take it slow, make sure your swing is properly attached to the door/ceiling/stand, always test the weight of your swing before getting into it, and be careful when trying positions in which you could hurt yourself or your partner.

Best Sex Swing Positions Guide

Here are our top 10 sex swing positions, all of which are fabulous and certainly pleasurable! However, you don’t just have to stick to them, you should have fun exploring your sexuality and try inventing your own positions - as long as you’re safe, do what feels good, and have fun!

#1 Missionary

How To: One partner needs to get into the swing as if they are seated, then lay back fully. Then, the penetrating partner has to stand, enter and thrust!

Benefits of Missionary: Missionary might be the simplest sex position, but it’s the perfect place to start, and fully reclined missionary in a swing increases the depth of penetration, and having the legs flexed while in the swing will provide a more intense orgasm, so it’s not like your typical missionary movement!

#2 Doggy Style

How To: One person has to get into the swing on their front, making sure the swing supports them and allows them to put their butt into the air. The penetrating partner then stands behind and penetrates. If deeper penetration is wanted, the person in the swing can put their hands on the floor.

Benefits of Doggy Style: Doggy style is the perfect position for deep vaginal penetration or anal penetration. This position also allows the person in the swing the ability to touch themselves for extra stimulation and gives the other partner a good view from the back!

#3 Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl

How To: The penetrating partner needs to sit in the swing and have the receiving partner climb on top of them in a cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position, whatever you prefer!

Benefits of Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl: Cowgirl position allows the partner who is getting penetrated to be in greater control, whilst also allowing for extra clitoral stimulation, as well as allowing both partners to look at each other. Reverse cowgirl allows you to feel penetration in a different way and can increase confidence if you’re not too keen on eye contact during sex.

#4 Hanging Ass Out

How To: The partner in the sex swing has to hang from the sex swing and drop their butt down, holding the upper straps for balance and support. The other partner can then either approach from behind standing up or by lying on the floor below if the sex swing is close to the floor.

Benefits of Hanging Ass Out: Although this position is a little more adventurous and does require strength, it allows for deep vaginal and anal penetration. It also allows power play if the penetrating partner is standing.

#5 Generous Oral Sex

How To: The partner who is receiving oral sex simply needs to lay back in the sex swing, with their legs wide open if they want a deeper oral penetration. Then, the giving partner can pleasure the one in the swing.

Benefits of Sex Swing Oral Sex: Sex swings improve oral sex since the giving partner has full access to their partner. In addition, it reduces any issues surrounding weight. Being blindfolded can also add to the experience.

#6 Squat On It

How To: The sex swing has to be lowered close to the floor for this position, so this needs to be done first. The partner in the sex swing needs to sit in the swing, holding their weight whilst holding onto the upper straps. Then, this person can put their legs onto the floor and squat onto their partner below.

Benefits of Squat On It: This position is great if the partner who is receiving wants to be in control, as they’re able to control the depth and the speed of the penetration. It also allows for deep penetration.

#7 Legs Up

How To: The partner who will be penetrating needs to stand in front of the sex swing, then the person in the sex swing needs to put their legs up onto their partner’s shoulders. Then, the penetration can begin!

Benefits of Legs Up: Legs up allows for deep penetration, while also allowing extra clitorial stimulation if necessary. This position is also great for giving the penetrating partner governance.

#8 Sit Up Straight

How To: The partner in the sex swing needs to sit up straight in the swing as if they are actually on a normal swing. They can use the upper straps to hold their weight and balance and use the lower foot straps for stability. The other partner can then penetrate from behind while standing.

Benefits of Sit Up Straight: This position is perfect for anal penetration, and allows the penetrating partner to take full control and to stimulate the clit of their partner.

#9 The Crab

How To: For this position, you need to make sure your swing can hold both you and your partner. The penetrating partner needs to lay on the bottom of the swing, as flat as possible, and the other partner needs to sit on top of them the other way round. They can put their arms on their partner’s legs to lift themselves up and the penetrating partner can thrust.

Benefits of The Crab: This position is perfect for anal penetration, and allows both partners to be in control of the pace and depth. It also gives the penetrating partner a great view of their partner’s body.

#10 Solo Swing

How To: As this is a solo position, you need to be extra vigilant when it comes to your safety. Once you’re sure you’re safe, the best way to pleasure yourself alone in your sex swing is by getting into the missionary position. If you are using a dildo on the floor, you can lower the swing and move into other positions such as hanging ass out and squat on it!

Benefits of Solo Swing:

Masturbation can get a little monotonous if you’re always doing the same thing, so sex swings are a great way to spice up your alone time. It can also improve the pleasure you experience if you enjoy feeling tied up. Practically, if you’re using a dildo stuck to the floor, it can also take some of the physical strain from you.

Get Busy On The Alora Door Sex Swing

Now that you’re an expert on sex swing positions, it’s either time to get yourself your first swing, or invest in one that brings you as much pleasure as you deserve! If you are looking for a swing, we’d like to highlight our Alora Door Sex Swing!

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