The Best Sex Toy Advice: How to Choose A Sex Toy

Updated: Jul 14

The Best Sex Toy Advice: How to Choose a Sex Toy. Alora Sex Toys
Choosing a Sex Toy Can Be Tough! Let Us Help!

How does a person find a great sex toy is a question we get asked a lot. It’s not an easy question to answer. People don't have the same body design, people like different types of sensations, and each individual has there own desires and needs they’d like to get out of a sex toy. So how do you narrow down the list to find your great sex toy? Well that’s something we’ve been working on, and we wanted to share it with you.

So here’s a checklist for the next time you search for your new great sex toy.


A person should always ensure that the shape of the sex toy they’re choosing looks like something that would be ergonomically comfortable for them. You often see many obscurely designed sex toys that look unpleasant to insert or to touch your body with. Guess what, they are often just that, super uncomfortable! So take the time to look at the product from a variety of angles. Determine the size and length of the item in advance to know if that is something you are typically comfortable with.

Around 80 percent of women are unable to orgasm without effective clitoral stimulation. So when choosing a toy try to make sure there is some sort of clitoral stimulation. Does the product look like consistent stimulation of the clitoris would be easy to accomplish during use? So the goal here is to make sure you can guarantee some stimulation of the clitoris.

Stimulation Type

Also make sure to consider the stimulation the product is offering. Is it offering one of penetration, suction, vibration or any combination of the three?


Do you know what you can handle? How deep do you want the product to go? Everyone is different, but we know what we like. We know we typically like to find products that are between 4.5-6 inches of length with some curve to them so it can hit the right spot ;).

We like to make sure the product is a soft silicone with a density that allows for easy bendability, but also provides the desired phallic feel. Check out Alora's Devil Rabbit Vibrator or Pink Suction Cup Dildo for some great options!


Oh Wow!!! Suction toys are the new IT things these days. But let me tell you, when you find the right suction product it’s understandable why everyone loves these things. Quality suction products use soft silica gel or silicone to make up the suction tip. Ignore products that appear to have suction tips that are hard. Try to find a suction product with a multitude of suction options. We found one suction vibrator that has a mode that purrs like a kitty and we just love how it makes us feel.


Vibrators have been around forever. You can find vibrators in every shape, size and color. But in terms of the actual function of vibration, you want a sex toy that has a variety of vibration choices. Slow and steady or fast and efficient- build yourself up to climax or get yourself off right away. The key is finding a toy that provides the option to do both. You never know if you want to sit back and enjoy your sex toy for 20 minutes to an hour or if you need a quick climax on the go.

Ethical Bondage Mixed In

If you want to take any sexual experience to the next level, especially while incorporating sex toys, you and your partner(s) should consider exploring bondage restraints to begin some light bondage play. You can always have some fun like the gorgeous @thelizashley (Instagram) did here in Alora's ethical bondage door swing.

Bed restraints are helpful because it can help pull apart a partner's legs for complete access to their genitals. This also makes our orgasms even more intense.

Best Materials

Materials. Materials. Materials. Sometimes we fail to realize just how important they are to the products we use. One main thing we like to avoid is anything made with Phthalates. Phthalates are typically used on plastics to soften, increase flexibility, durability, and longevity of the product. But with all of those tangible manufacturing effects, comes the not so good health concerns of the chemicals involved to make this happen. Phthalates have been shown to have damaging effects on organs and potentially cause cancer. Unfortunately, products made with Phthalates also cannot be cleaned or sterilized to help prevent the build up of nasty bacteria on the sex toy product. So we’d say to only look for companies who’s products are certified “Phthalate free”.

Here are some materials we avoid:






As you can see these are all synthetic plastics that usually require added unhealthy fillers.

Here are some materials we target:

Medical Grade Silicone is the holy grail

Glass or Metal

Acrylics and Hard Plastics without fillers

Here are some materials we’re okay with from a health standpoint but don’t love as much from a feel point of view:

TPE and TPR without Phthalates.

Natural materials such as wood and ceramic

Company Dependability

Who’s making your toy? Does the company making the toy seem to care about details from start to finish? Look into the company and what they are doing. Are they compliant with certifications, is the company transparent with their practices, and does the company source materials that are both safe and have a positive environmental impact compared to others.

Look into whether the company has received certifications such as CE for toy safety or RoHS for motor and battery safety. This will ensure your sex toy complies with most countries product safety laws.

You should also look into whether the product is certified body safe. Ensuring that the product is certified body safe by a third party independent organization means that all of the materials that can be inserted into your body are safe to use. This typically means that you will be receiving a product made from food grade silicone at a minimum. However, medical grade silicone is what you should be trying to get your hands on. Reach out to the company and ask them if you are unsure. Remember a good company will be transparent with you and have someone who can answer quality control questions for you.

Is the company doing anything extra? The National Association For The Advancement of Science & Art In Sexuality, otherwise known by its acronym NAASAS, provides a blueprint for companies in the sex toy industry to make quality and safe products. A company who has membership in NAASAS must comply with its membership rules. This includes committing to only using safe materials and honest information on packaging and advertising materials. If a company fails to comply with these standards, it will no longer be able to bare the NAASAS seal of approval.

Moreover, look to see what other certifications the company has. Is the company certified by any third party independent organizations that carry overarching certification of the company’s overall business practices? A great example of this is a company that has Pending or Certified B-Corporation seal of approval. A B-Corporation Certification tells a consumer that the company is transparent, has a positive social and environmental impact, and uses best practices at all times in the making and production of its products.

What impact is the company having on the environment? Many companies, especially those in the sex toy industry, believe in the concept of “planned obsolescence”. Planned obsolescence is the planning and designing a product to have an artificial shelf life, so that it becomes obsolete (i.e., unfashionable, or no longer functional) after a certain period of time. The strategy allows companies to generate long-term sales volume by reducing the time between repeat purchases. In addition, it contributes to more pollution, and sex toys are often thrown away and not recycled.

So in the end the company is benefitting from the customer spending more money on additional products, and the company is making the customer complicit in the pollution of the planet. I mean just take a second to think back to all of the sex toy products you have had that either collect dust or ended up in a trashcan because the sex toy stopped working in some capacity.

Does the company making your sex toy truly care about the community it is serving? Look into whether or not your sex toy company gives back to the community it serves with resources. Does the company provide free products, cash donations, or put on events or panels for the community. We really like companies that give back to organizations fighting sex trafficking, spousal abuse and other violent or unlawful crimes affecting the beauty of sexuality, sex and human connection.

We realize that was a lot to take in. We provided a wide array of information to be considered when purchasing your next great sex toy product. But choosing your next great sex toy is an important decision, and we wanted to make sure we gave you everything we thought you could handle. Hopefully it was all helpful to read through, and here’s a nice concise summary of what you should look for: 1) Ergonomic For Your Particular Body; 2) Direct Clitoral Stimulation- 80% of Women Cannot Orgasm Without Direct Clitoral Stimulation; 3) Your Favorite Stimulation Type Between Suction, Penetration and Vibration or Any Combination of the Three; 4) Safe Materials- Our Choice is Medical Grade Silicone; 5) A Company You Can Rely On- Look to Third-Party Certifications.