Sex Swings: Learn How To Hang A Sex Swing & Explore New Sex Swing Positions.

Updated: Jun 14

We’re going to run through the different types of sex swings, letting you know how to hang each one specifically, as well as let you in on a few of our favorite sex swing positions that you can try out once you’ve mounted it!

Before we jump in and get started, we’re going to run through a few questions that will let you know if you should add a sex swing into your life!

Should You Get A Sex Swing?

Here are a few questions that will let you know whether or not you are ready to get a sex swing! Answer honestly...

Are you looking to increase your erotic pleasure?

Do you want to try something new in the bedroom?

Are you interested in bondage?

Do you want to use an accessory that means weight isn’t a problem in the bedroom?

Are you looking to try some interesting positions that required a swing?

Do you want to add an exciting element to masturbation?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, a sex swing is the perfect sex accessory for you! Providing a multitude of benefits, sex swings are the ideal beginner sex accessory too, whether for use as a couple or alone. So, what’s not to love?

How To Install A Sex Swing - Different Types of Sex Swings and How To Install Each of Them!

There’s a wide range of different sex swings, and each sex swing has a different way that it needs to be installed and how it is used. As a general rule, every sex swing you buy (regardless of the type) should come with installation instructions and you should follow them.

However, if you are looking for a bit of extra help or you got a sex swing that doesn’t have a manual, we’ve got your back - let’s take a look at the different types of sex swings out there and how you can install them.

Sex Slings

Sex slings are a singular paneled style of sex swing that can be made from leather, webbing, and even sometimes wood. Sex slings are typically hung using stands. These stands typically have four posts and the sex sling sits central, with four chains or straps that clip onto each post. Although this kind of sex swing is a little less portable than others and sometimes a little harder to set up, it’s still fairly simple.

To set up a sex sling, all you need to do is put the stand poles together, then attach the chains to the stand poles, and then attach the seat to the chains (some sex slings already have the seat attached to the chains).

Door Sex Swings

Door sex swings are the most portable type of sex swing out there, and the easiest to install. Over-the-door sex swings are simply secured in place by firstly choosing a strong door! A strong door is incredibly important to ensure that you don’t only damage the door, but so it holds your weight too!

Once you’ve found the perfect door, all you need to do is hang the tubes that are on one end of the straps over the door, then shut the door (lock the door if possible to ensure security!). The swing is now secure.

Then, the legs and arms straps (most arm straps include cuffs on the end) should be obvious, so you can get into the swing. Some sex swings also have seats that you can either attach or that are already pre-attached to the straps.

Traditional Sex Swings

Traditional sex swings are made up of two straps and two stirrups and they’re hung from the ceiling. Traditional sex swings are hung from the ceiling, meaning you have to permanently put a hook into your ceiling. You will need to drill into your ceiling to attach a ceiling hook, but once you’ve taken care of that, you can simply clip your swing to the ceiling every time you want to use it, or you can keep it up there if you’re not worried about anyone seeing it!

Obviously, attaching a ceiling hook to your ceiling is super permanent and you may not be comfortable having an obvious hook for a sex swing in your ceiling! In addition, if you’re renting or you don’t have a suitable ceiling (such as a vaulted ceiling), you should not install a traditional sex swing - an over-door sex swing might be a good choice instead!

Body Sex Swings

Body sex swings are harnesses that are worn by one person and the other person attaches themself to the swing. The person that wears the body swing needs to be strong enough to support the person throughout the sexual experience. The body sex swing straps around the body and has two leg straps for the partner to put their legs into, as well as two handle areas on the upper chest for the partner to swing from with their hands.

If you or your partner are strong enough to use a body swing, it could be a good choice because it’s super discreet and easy to set up! Just be careful!

Useful Tips For Installing Sex Swings:

  • If you’re using a ceiling hook, make sure it has a high weight limit.

  • Think about using a tie-down anchor if you’re concerned about the weight limit on a ceiling hook with a traditional sex swing.

  • Once you have installed a permanent mounting on the ceiling, do not take it down and reinstall it in the same place as it will weaken the mounting point. If possible, leave the mounting on the ceiling permanently.

  • If you’re unsure how to install a ceiling hook safely, hire a handyman!

  • Before you dive right into using any type of sex swing, test it with your weight or both of your weight if you will be using it with your partner to ensure it is safely installed.

  • Make sure you lock your door before having fun to ensure you’re not going to be disturbed!

3 Easy and Fun Sex Swing Positions

Reclined Missionary

Reclined missionary is an easy position to try in your sex swing, and being in a swing during missionary allows for deeper penetration, as well as also allows for the penetrating partner to take more control and become more dominant. Fun Fact: your legs comfortably flexed in the sex swing will enhance the orgasm you experience. So, lean back and enjoy.

Doggy Style

Regardless of whether you’re going to engage in anal or vaginal penetration, doggy style in a sex swing is a super pleasurable position. If you’re the one in the swing, lean over, move the swing to support your waist and torso, and if you’re the penetrating partner, stand or sit behind your partner depending on the height of the swing.

Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl

Cowgirl position in a sex swing allows the penetrating partner to sit in the swing. The person who is penetrating sits in the swing whilst the other partner sits on top of them in a cowgirl position or turns their back on their partner in a reverse cowgirl position.

Learn about more sex swing positions here and here.

Enjoy Masturbation in a Sex Swing!

Sex swings don’t just have to be enjoyed with a partner, you can enjoy them on your own too! Have fun experimenting with masturbation in your sex swing, just make sure you’re safe and you can get in and out of your swing!

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Our Favorite Sex Swing Of All Time and It’s Easy To Use - The Alora Door Sex Swing

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Have fun, enjoy experimenting, and be safe!

Now you’re all ready to install your sex swing, regardless of the type of swing you’ve decided to purchase. So, enjoy it. Take safety seriously, but have fun experimenting with your swing and trying new things!