How to Use a Sex Swing: A Guide To Sex Swings & Sex Swing Positions

Updated: Jun 14

Sex swings are one of the best sex accessories out there, they not only make things a little more exciting, but they’re super useful accessories if you’re engaging in BDSM or bondage, and they’re incredibly practical too!

However, if you’re new to using a sex swing, you might feel a little overwhelmed. So, we’re here for you! We’re going to tell you how sex swings work, the benefits of using sex swings, talk about sex swing safety, and touch on a few positions that you can try with a swing!

Sex Swing How To: Learn How To Use a Door Sex Swing & More

There are a variety of sex swings out there, and if you’re keen to take a look at the different types, check out our article on “what is a sex swing?”.

However, in this article, we’re going to be focusing on over-door sex swings (the best type out there in our opinion!), and if you want one, check out our Alora door swing!

So, let’s get into it!

How Does A Sex Swing Work?

All sex swings either hang from the ceiling, over doors, or from stands. Depending on which sex swing you have, the specifics will be slightly different. However, the general idea is the same!

Once you’ve assembled your sex swing, one partner will climb into the swing, putting their legs into the straps, placing their butt in the seat or strap, and putting their arms into straps or hands into cuffs.

Then, the other partner (if one is involved) will have full access to the person in the swing, allowing them to pleasure them orally and penetrate them without anything getting in the way, without weight or height being a problem, and a variety of fun swing positions being possible!

Benefits To Using Sex Swings

There’s a tonne of benefits to adding a sex swing into your life, and they’re not all super kinky, many of which are actually incredibly practical.

It Allows People To Explore Their Sexuality

The most important benefit to sex swings is that they allow people to explore their sexuality. Exploring your sexuality can not only increase the level of pleasure that you receive (which in itself can provide physical health benefits - orgasms make you happy!), but it can also make you feel empowered!

New, Exciting Positions Are Possible

Sex swings allow you to try new and exciting positions that are simply not possible if you’re in bed, so if you’re wanting to get a explorative position-wise, a sex swing could be the perfect accessory for you!

It Allows One Partner To Be More Dominant

Sex swings are the perfect BDSM accessory (even if you’re just into a light BDSM!) because they restrict one partner’s movements, therefore, allowing them to become more submissive, and allow the other partner to take on a dominating role.

It Takes Away Physical Differences

If you and your partner struggle with height, weight, or disability problems in the bedroom, a sex swing may be able to help. Using a sex swing means you don’t have to worry about these things, and you can just enjoy the experience between you and your partner, as the swing takes all your weight and is adjustable to suit your needs!

It Can Enhance Role Play

Sex swings are wonderful to use if you’re experimenting with role play, especially in the BDSM categories - think naughty prisoner and guard! Enjoy...

How To Use A Door Sex Swing

Door sex swings are super easy to install and incredibly simple but fun to use!

To fit a door sex swing all you need to do is choose a strong door, hang the tubes that are on one end of the straps over the door, then shut the door (lock the door if possible to ensure security!), and the swing is ready to go!

Check that the swing is fully secure (adding your weight and moving around in it) is incredibly important to ensure no accidents occur!

To get into a door sex swing, you simply need to look at which straps are for your legs and arms, then start getting into them. Most arm straps will have attached cuffs on them, so if you want to, making it obvious which way up your door swing should be!

Once your arms and legs are in, you should be able to hold your weight on the swing without any problems. Some swings do have seats attached that allow you to sit further back in the swing and be a little lazier!

Once you’re in, ensure that you’re safe and fully prepared, then have fun! Check out our How To Hang A Sex Swing article for more typs!

Using Sex Swings Alone

You don’t need to be with a partner to enjoy sex swings, you can enjoy them alone too! Swings allow you to explore kinks without having a partner present, as well as improve the pleasure that you receive from either yourself or toys.

A safe, common position to masturbate in whilst using a sex swing alone is a reclined missionary position, allowing you to touch yourself with ease. Another, if you’re using a dildo on the floor, for example, would be a squatting position, with legs touching the ground so you can ride the dildo below.

The only thing you need to be more conscious of when you use a sex swing to masturbate is your safety.

Although we’re going to touch on safety more in-depth further in this article, here are some tips for ensuring you’re safe when your masturbating alone in a sex swing:

  • Always make sure that you can get out of the swing unaided.

  • Ensure that you are not too high from the ground.

  • Do not use choking devices while using a sex swing.

  • Do not swing hard or hit the door.

  • Ensure you have scissors in reaching distance in case any part of your body becomes stuck in the swing.

Sex Swing Positions To Try

The beauty with sex swings is that they allow you to try a whole host of positions that you may have never even thought of or heard about. They really are a truly revolutionary sex accessory.

If you’re struggling to find some sex swing positions to try, check out our top 3 stimulating positions:

Ass Out

Hanging ass out is the perfect position for both oral sex and penetration, focusing on the ass - check out our guide to anal sex for beginners here if you’re a newbie! The person who wants to be penetrated or orally pleasured needs to lower their butt, holding the straps for balance and support, and the other partner can approach from behind or lay on the floor below.


You might think 69 is only for the bed, but it’s not! In fact, 69 in a swing is incredibly innovative and pleasurable! The person in the swing has to lie back fully in missionary position, then the partner has to straddle their face and bend down over them - the perfect assisted 69!

Floating Missionary

Although you may think missionary is a little vanilla, missionary sex in a sex swing can provide deeper penetration and enhanced pleasure! All the person in the swing has to do is lay back fully, and the penetrating partner penetrates whilst standing.

How To Use Sex Swings Safely

Sex swings can bring immeasurable joy, but to enjoy them fully, you need to be safe! Although sex swing accidents aren’t that common, they can be dangerous when they happen.

So, follow these top tips for sex swing safety and you can have a fully pleasurable sex swing experience!

  • Make sure you choose a strong door frame or ceiling hook - you don’t want to ruin your house!

  • Check your swing with both you and your partner’s weight before getting to it.

  • Make sure you get in and out of the swing safely - if you are with a partner, get them to help you into the swing.

  • If you or your partner experience any pain from the swing, stop immediately and get out of the swing.

  • Make sure you don’t hit the door behind you - that’s no fun!

For more Sex Swing Positions check out our article here.

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You’re Ready To Get Your Swing On!

Now you know how to fit a door swing, the benefits associated with sex swings, how to use a sex swing safely, and some of the best positions to try, you’re good to go!

Enjoy, explore, get empowered, and be safe.