A Complete Guide to BDSM Bed Restraints: How to Use Bed Restraints

Updated: Jun 14

Whether you’re a long-standing member of the BDSM community, wanting to add a little kink into the bedroom, or you get turned on by the idea of either being restrained or pleasuring someone while they’re restrained, bed restraints could be your next favorite sex accessory!

Bed restraints are the easiest and most effective way to restrain a partner or yourself in the bedroom, and they’re especially useful if you’re just getting into BDSM or bondage and don’t have the skills that are required for rope tying.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with a complete guide to BDSM bed restraints, so regardless of whether you’re a bondage expert looking to brush up on your skills or you’re a complete newbie just trying to figure out the world of bed restraints, you’ll get all of the information you need and more!

How to Rig Restraints on Bed with No Frame/How to Use Restraints Without Bed Posts

Although classic types of restraints might have to be attached to the frame of a bed or bedposts, with the invention and popularity of under bed restraints, all you need is a mattress! Under bed restraints are the perfect, quick, and easy way to restrain yourself or a partner, regardless of the type of bed you have.

What Are Under Bed Restraints?

Under bed restraints, also often called under mattress restraints, are typically straps that form an X shape under the mattress and have cuffs on each end that come above the mattress (these are typically added on with attachments like on our under bed restraints). These cuffs are then used by the person (the submissive) who is being restrained - they put their ankles and wrists in the cuffs and they then become fully restrained.

This then allows the dominant person to pleasure the submissive without them being able to interfere - this is a type of restrictive bondage.

Under bed restraints are typically designed so that they can be fitted to any size bed (with adjustable straps) and don’t need to be permanently attached to anything - you can simply put the bed restraint on, then remove once you’re finished, nice and easy!

Why Do People Use Bed Restraints For Sex?

Bed restraints are used by people who enjoy BDSM, bondage, and even those who are trialing BDSM and bondage for the first time!

People who are into either being submissive or dominant in the bedroom enjoy using bed restraints for a variety of reasons, the main one of which is obviously erotic pleasure.

The feeling of being restrained for the submissive partner obviously increases their sexual pleasure, but it also allows them to feel as if they’re out of control and exacerbates the concept of being dominated.

The feeling of the submissive being restrained allows the dominant person to do just that - dominate. The feeling of being in total control of what you do to their partner not only turns the dominant on and increases their sexual pleasure, but in some cases, it also allows a power shift to happen and they take on a new role, especially if their partner is not actually a submissive character in their life out of the bedroom.

The Benefits of Using Under Bed Restraints

Of course, you can use different types of restraints during sex, and you can even install permanent bondage sex accessories and toys. However, there are a lot of benefits that come with using under bed restraints!

  • Easy and quick to set up

The main bonus with under bed restraints is that they are incredibly easy and quick to set up. You don’t need to drill any holes in the wall, add special hooks, or spend hours putting things together - you just pop the straps under your mattress, add the cuffs, and your good to go!

  • Portable

People don’t just practice BDSM at home, but a lot of BDSM accessories (especially the permanent ones) are not easy to transport. However, with under bed restraints, you’re never going to have that problem, you can just pack them up and take them with you wherever you go. Under bed restraints also pack down small, so you can discreetly pack them into your bag for your travels!

  • Able to restrain the entire body

Although cuffs might be great, they don’t give you the ability to restrain the entire body, and if you’re not keen on using a more extreme type of BDSM restraints, under bed restraints are a perfect choice!

  • Perfect for beginners

If you’re wanting to restrain your partner or be restrained, but you don’t know how to rope tie properly and you’re not interested in learning, under bed restraints are a great option.

How to Use Under Bed Restraints

As mentioned briefly above, setting up under bed restraints is incredibly simple and quick to do! Most under bed restraints are similar, so this set-up guide should be pretty much universal!

  • Measure your bed (or know your bed size) and adjust the straps so that it fits perfectly.

  • Slide the straps underneath the mattress so that the straps form an X, or so that the O-ring (sometimes, as our bed restraints do, the straps will have an O-ring in the middle). is in the middle of the underneath of the mattress.

  • Then, bring the straps to the top of the mattress, and attach the four cuffs onto them. Adjust the length of the straps to your desired length.

  • Once the restraints are prepared and both you and your partner are happy with the setup, the submissive partner can be put into the restraints and the fun can start!

Ideas To Try With Under Bed Restraints

Restrain both the wrists and ankles and lay face up - this is the classic way that bed restraints are intended to be used and restrains the entire body. When the submissive partner is in this position whilst restrained, the entirety of their body is exposed and can be fully dominated.

Restrain both the wrists and ankles and lay face down - if you or your partner love being extremely submissive (The partner in restraints won’t be able to see what’s happening, increasing their vulnerability), or if you enjoy anal play, facing down might be right for you!

Restrain either just the wrists or the ankles - If you’re wanting to take it slow or you would rather try positions that need the use of the arms or legs specifically, you can just restrain the wrists or the ankles, allowing more freedom - you don’t always have to be fully restrained, it’s up to you.

Add A Blindfold To Enhance The Experience - Adding a blindfold to the experience (to the person who is submissive, obviously), can add even more pleasure by causing sensory deprivation, as well as increase the feeling of both domination and submission.

Check out more bondage positions to try with your bed restraints.

DIY Bondage Bed Restraints

If you’re not quite ready to commit to buying under bed restraints, or you want to try out restraint in the bedroom without the equipment, you can create your own DIY bondage sex bed restraints! However, when you are using DIY bondage restraints, you need to be extra careful to ensure that circulation doesn’t get cut off. Be safe!

With safety in mind (always!), here’s our quick guide on how to make bed restraints if you’re into DIY…

Use Rope

Rope is the best way to restrain someone, with silk rope being the best choice if you’re a newbie to BDSM to ensure that you don’t succumb to any kind of rope burn. You can tie the rope to your bed frame and then tie wrists and ankles, or you can tie the rope between both ankles or both wrists - up to you!

Use Scarves/Ties

You don’t have to go to the store to get yourself some rope, you can also utilize things that you have around your home! For example, scarves and ties. Both of these accessories make great restraints, giving you the ability to restrain both wrists and ankles to the bed frame. If you have them, silk scarves and ties feel extra great against the skin.

Use Stockings

Stockings are the perfect DIY restraint due to the fact that they’re stretchy and gentle against the skin (you still need to be careful about cutting off the circulation though!). You can cut the stockings in half and tie one end to the bed posts and the other end onto the wrists/ankles.

Spotlighting Our Bed Restraints

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