How To Use Clitoral Suction Sex Toys: Tips & Tricks To Get The Most Pleasure From Clitoral Vibrators

How To Use Clitoral Suction Sex Toys: Tips & Tricks To Get The Most Pleasure From Clitoral Vibrators. Shop Alora Sex Toys
Learn How To Use Clitoral Suction Sex Toys & Experience Ecstasy!

The majority of women need clitoral stimulation to climax, whether enjoying penetration or not, and unfortunately a lot of women are being denied their pleasure because of this - clitoris stimulation is often overlooked, hence the orgasm gap is so big!

However, the sex toy world has answered the cries of all of these women that can’t climax from penetration alone and the answer is: clitoral suction sex toys! These types of toys have risen to popularity over the last few years, and finally, the orgasm gap is closing to the happiness of women everywhere.

Whether you’re thinking that you need a clitoral suction sex toy in your life, you’ve got one sitting on your shopping cart, or you’ve got one on your nightstand that you’re almost ready to use, this article is here to help!

We’re going to be giving you a full, detailed guide of how you can use clitoral suction sex toys either by yourself or with a partner! We’ll also give you a list of our recommended clit suction toys, so you can treat yourself to the best out there!

What Is A Clitoral Suction Sex Toy?

Before we tell you exactly how you can use clitoral suction sex toys to receive maximum pleasure, it’s a good idea to first know what this kind of toy is and how it works!

Clitoral suction sex toys specifically focus on stimulating the clitoris, although some do function as G-spot vibrators too. These types of toys work by creating an airflow and applying pressure on and around the clitoris, and then this promotes blood flow and makes you more sensitive, meaning it can increase your enjoyment and bring you to orgasm!

How To Use A Clit Suction Toy For Masturbation

When you first trial a clitoral suction sex toy, it’s best to do so alone! This way, you can figure out what makes you feel good, and take what you find into the bedroom with your partner.

So, it’s time to get busy with yourself. Grab the lube because here we come solo sex!

Of course, when it comes to masturbation, everyone has their own rituals.

How to Use Clit Suction Sex Toys: How to Use a Clit Vibrator
Try Incense to Help You Relax For Masturbation.

Some like to light some incense and candles, whereas others like to have a bath and use oils, just do whatever gets you in the mood! However, it is important to take some time to get properly relaxed and into the right headspace before you masturbate for the best experience. In addition, you should grab the lube - lube always makes sex and using sex toys feel better.

Once you’re ready to use the clitoral suction toy, it’s time to put the head of the toy on your clitoris and turn on the lowest setting. These types of toys can feel pretty intense initially, so it’s best to start off slowly. If you feel as if the toy is too strong for you, you can hold it just slightly away from your clit - it will still provide you with stimulation.

The more turned on you feel, the more power you can give the toy - turn the setting up and increase the stimulation that the toy gives your clit. You may want to experiment with changing the settings from high to low, giving you a more real simulation of oral!

How To Use A Clit Suction Toy In Partnered Sex

Clitoral suction sex toys aren’t just for solo sex, they can be used with partners too.

If you’re interested in using a clitoral suction toy with your partner, you will first obviously need to ask them and check that they’re happy for you to add a toy into the mix.

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you know it’s absolutely acceptable to want more in the bedroom and to want to use a toy with your partner. Then, just try to be honest with your partner. Tell your partner that although there’s nothing wrong with your current sex life, you’re simply needing more clitoral stimulation and both of you could benefit from adding a clitoral suction sex into the mix.

Once your partner is open to the idea of adding your new toy into the bedroom, it’s time to have fun experimenting with it and them…

How To Use A Clit Suction Toy During Foreplay and Oral Sex

Clit suction toys are perfect to use during foreplay since they promote blood flow to the clitoris and around the vulva, physically preparing the body for sex. In addition, they also perfectly stimulate the clitoris and can lead to orgasms.

Clitoral sex toys are also the ideal addition to oral sex. Your partner can go down on you and get busy in and around your vulva, while the clit suction toy discreetly sits on the clit and provides another element to the experience!

How To Use A Clit Suction Toy During Penetrative Sex

Clitoral suction sex toys and sex go perfectly hand-in-hand together. You can add a clit suction toy into the mix without it distracting from the penetration that you are experiencing from your partner, since these types of toys are small and discreet.

You can hold the toy on your clitoris if you are in positions such as missionary or reverse cowgirl. If your partner has better access to your clit, in positions such as spooning or doggy, they can hold the toy in position for you.

The extra clitoral stimulation from the toy is more likely to bring you to orgasm, and if you’re looking to orgasm at the same time as your partner, you can manage the control settings on the toy to promote an orgasm!

Being Clean Is Important Too!

After you’ve had your fun with your clitoral suction toy, it’s essential that you clean it to reduce the likelihood of getting any kind of infection from it. This is due to the fact that bacteria may harbour on the toy, especially if it’s made from a low-cost, unsafe material such as jelly, rubber, or PVC.

Cleaning Your Toys Is Like Hand Washing. You Need to Do It!

You have to clean your clitoral suction sex toy every time you use it. You can easily clean them, so don’t panic, it’s not a long process! Most clitoral suction sex toys are made from silicone, but they do have electrical components. Therefore, all you need to do is take a bowl of warm water, mild antibacterial soap, and a clean cloth. You can then clean the clitoral suction toy with the cloth!

Once the toy is clean and dry, you need to store it in a clean, dust-free, dry space so that it’s clean, bacteria-free, and ready to use the next time you want it!

Clitoral Suction Toy Guide

Now you know exactly how to use clit suction sex toys, it’s time to bring that knowledge into the bedroom by actually using one of these beautiful toys! So, if you’re looking to buy one of these toys (as you should!), here is a mini clitoris toy guide, with the top 5 clitoral suction sex toys on the market!

The Alora Clitoris Suction Vibrator

The Alora Clitoris Suction Vibrator is a sleek, contemporary-looking, fully waterproof toy made from body-safe silicone. This whisper-quiet clit stimulating toy features 5 varying intensity levels that take you all the way from soft kissing to intense oral suction. Sold at a super budget-friendly price, the Alora Clitoris Suction Toy is only $47.99.

Satisfyer Pro 2

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is one of the most popular toys on the clitoris suction sex toy scene! This beautifully designed sex toy features 11 different levels of intensity, is fully waterproof, made from body-safe silicone and is whisper quiet! It’s also sold at a reasonable price of only $52.99.

Lelo Sona

The LELO Sona is a small but powerful suction toy that features 8 pleasure settings and has won awards for its innovative technology. The toy is also 100% waterproof, incredibly quiet, and made from body-safe silicone. It’s sold at a naughty yet reasonable price of $69.

Aer By Dame Products

The Aer Clitoral Suction Toy is a super stylish clit suction sex toy with 5 intensity levels and 5 pattern modes, made by the Dame Products company. The toy is made from body-safe silicone and fully waterproof. However, it is a little more expensive than its competitors, with the price being $95.

The Womanizer Classic

At the high end of the price range is the Womanizer Classic. This clitoris suction sex toy uses Pleasure Air technology to provide stimulation, has 8 intensity levels, and is made from body-safe silicone. This purple treat is sold at the price of $129.99, meaning it’s quite far over budget for most!