How To Use Sex Toys: Your Guide to Male Sex Toys & Sex Toys For Women

Updated: Jun 14

From dildos and vibrators to male masturbators and clitoral suction devices, there’s a huge variety of sex toys out there, so navigating this world can extremely fun and interesting, but also a little confusing! This article will teach you how to use sex toys. Once you read through all of this you'll need tips on how to clean your sex toys too.

Although it’s incredible that the sex toy market offers such a vast range of toys, allowing you to choose something that suits you perfectly, if you’re not too confident in choosing a toy, or you’re unsure how to use sex toys, it all seems a little overwhelming.

However, don’t panic - whether your bedside table contains a myriad of sex toys or you’re a complete novice looking for your first toy, this article has you covered.

We’re going to be wade into the world of adult toys, telling you how to use specific types of well-known toys, giving you tips on how to use female and male sex toys, as well as providing you with some advice on how to use sex toys as a couple! We’ll also let you in on the list of our favorite sex toys out there!

So, let’s get into it so you can start enjoying your sex toy(s) as soon as possible!

Different Types & How To Use Sex Toys

Since there’s no singular way to use sex toys, due to the fact that sex toys are all so different, we’re going to run through the different (and most popular) types of sex toys out there and let you know specifically how to use each sex toy.

Although the majority of the sex toys that we talk about on this list are specifically created for and targeted towards vulva owners, we are going to take a look at how to use male sex toys later on in this article, don’t worry! However, of course, men can also use a selection of the sex toys mentioned below if they want to!


Probably the simplest, most beginner-friendly toy out there, vibrators are the go-to for many! From bullet vibrators to more complicated rabbit vibrators and massage wands, we’re going to give you a run-through of the different types of vibrators and how to use them!

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators, no bigger than a lipstick, are the perfect, discreet sex toy, and a staple in your bag of toys! The ideal beginner choice for partnered sex or for adding a little more fun to masturbation. Simply turn the vibrator on and use it around and within the vulva to add a little vibratory fun!

These types of vibrators are typically powered by small watch or N batteries that last a surprisingly long time!

Perfect For: If you’re a sex toy newbie wanting to explore masturbation with an easy-to-use toy, or if you’re looking to focus on stimulation around the outside of the vulva.

Not So Perfect For: Penetration - bullet vibrators are small, therefore not great for penetration.

Finger Vibrators

Finger Vibrators are small vibrating devices that either fit on top of, over, or between your fingers. They’re similar to the size of bullet vibrators, so super discreet and easy to take with you wherever you go, but they really do pack a punch by adding an extra buzzing sensation to your fingers - you’ll never want to use your fingers by themselves again!

Perfect For: Adding a vibrating sensation to your classic masturbation routine, giving an extra buzz to your partner during foreplay, and providing clit stimulation during sex.

Not So Perfect For: Penetration due to the fact that they’re small and not specifically designed for penetration. Batteries often die fast in finger vibrators too, so not ideal if you’re wanting a long day of pleasure!

Massage Wands

Massage wands are probably the most classic and well-known type of sex toy. The Hitachi, the most famous type of massage wand, was originally invented as a muscle and tension relaxer, but was transformed into a sex toy during the 1960s sex-positive movement - we can thank the late Betty Dodson for that! Use a massage wand around your vulva (focusing on the clitoris if you like powerful clitoral stimulation).

Just be aware, although most massage wands are typically cordless now, some still have to be plugged in and therefore are absolutely not suitable for use in the bath or shower - always read the instructions and safety warnings!

Perfect For: Powerful clitoral stimulation and intense orgasms!

Not So Perfect For: Partnered sex due to the fact that they are super chunky and would get in the way. Also, not the most discreet sex toy out there.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators, named because of the two components that look like little (or not so little depending on your choice!) ears, are the perfect vibrator, combining clitoral stimulation with penetration. By stimulating both inside and outside the vulva, these bad boys provide intense orgasms! Insert the long end of the vibrator into the vagina, and the bunny part will naturally position itself onto your clitoris (but adjust if necessary) and get vibing!

Perfect For: Powerful clitoral stimulation and penetration at the same time. Can create a dual orgasm.

Not So Perfect For: Partnered sex and those that don’t enjoy penetrative masturbation.


Dildos are the number one sex toy choice in the US, and for good reason! Unlike vibrators, dildos do not move on their own. Instead, they act as a real penis and give you the pleasure that you’re looking for in penetrative sex. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, giving you a variety of pleasure options.

Most dildos are waterproof and have suction pads, like the Alora dildo, giving you the ability to pleasure yourself wherever you want to. Some even thrust and give you the sensation of receiving active penetration!

Explore with your dildo in the shower, on the floor, or by simply using your hand to mastubate with it.

Perfect For: Penetrative masturbation, experimenting with penetration, anal penetration, and use in partnered sexual activity.

Not So Perfect For: Vibrations - if you’re looking for vibrations, a dildo isn’t the choice for you.

Clitoral Suction Toys

Clitoral suction toys focus on stimulating the clitoris specifically and act as a simulation of oral sex. Clitoral suction toys work by creating a pulsing suction (like a gentle vacuum) and promoting blood flow in the clitoris, increasing arousal and sensitivity, as well as adding an incredible new element to orgasms!

Simply place the suction close to or on the clitoris, but also take advantage of the fact that you can use clitoral suction toys on other areas of the body, with breasts being one of the favorite alternate areas - experiment with it and have fun!

Perfect For: Specific clitoral stimulation, simulating oral sex, adding a new element to orgasms, and use in partnered sexual activity.

Not So Perfect For: Penetration, clearly because they don’t offer penetration.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are an anal sex toy that’s intended to be inserted into the anus, putting a pleasurable type of pressure onto the prostate and increasing the sensitivity and feeling of sex. Butt plugs are the perfect, discreet, easy to use (although start small and build your way up!) sex toy for both time alone and partnered sexual activity.

Use lots of lube and gently insert, or slowly edge the butt plug into your butt!

Perfect For: Those wanting to experience anal sex alone, specific anal stimulation, adding a new element to orgasms, and partnered sexual activity.

Not So Perfect For: Those that don’t like anal play - obviously.

How To Use Male Sex Toys

Sex toys aren’t just for vulva owners, and in fact, there’s a wide selection of sex toys out there for men! So, let’s take a look at some of the most common sex toys for men and we’ll also let you know how to use sex toys for men!

Butt Plugs - As we’ve just touched on butt plugs, there’s no need to go into detail here. However, butt plugs are a common and popular sex toy choice for men, especially those that enjoy anal play and anal penetration.

Male Masturbators (Pocket Pussy) -

Male masturbators, also known as male strokers, and pocket pussies, are male sex toys that are specifically designed to imitate a woman’s vagina (although anal and oral versions are also available). When the penis is erect, place it into the pocket pussy slowly (always with lube) and start thrusting away until fully pleasured!

Perfect For: Those wanting to experience the feeling of penetrating, use in partnered foreplay.

Not So Perfect For: Those looking to feel penetrated (try a dildo, vibrator, or butt plug instead!).

Cock Rings - Cock rings are vibrating rings typically made from silicone or rubber. They are worn at the base of the penis to enhance sexual pleasure for the ring-wearer, and the person they are penetrating (if you choose to use with a partner). You can simply put the cock ring onto the penis (with lube!), turn it on, and get busy!

Perfect For: Those wanting to add more stimulation to either masturbation, oral, or penetrative sex.

Not So Perfect For: Again, those looking to feel penetrated (try a dildo, vibrator, or butt plug instead!).

The Best Sex Toys On The Market

Whilst we’ve highlighted a few Alora products throughout the article, here’s the list of our best sex toys on the market!

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Best Sex Accessories For Couples

It’s not only sex toys that we sell, we also produce sex accessories for couples to enjoy together! In fact, some of our most popular products are our couple accessories, so take a look at these too…

The Alora Door Sex Swing

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Ready To Play?

Sex toys are the perfect way to enhance masturbation and partnered sex, so have fun with them, explore, and experiment! Also, let us know which sex toys are your favorite - we’d love to hear from