Sex Machines: A Guide To Finding a Real Sex Machine & How to Choose a Sex Machine

Updated: Jun 14

Sex Machines & Sex Robots- Your Sexual Exploration

Well firstly, what is “Kink”? Kink has become a somewhat universal term to describe all things considered to be taboo during sexual experiences. Some things that would be defined as a kink may include BDSM, swinging, or just using a regular sex toy. Much of the definition is reliant on what that individual personally feels is kinky.

The world of sexual products is always evolving. Sex machines and dolls have been around for decades, and have only increased in popularity, as the technology gets better. These sex products may not fall into the typical sex toy or BDSM category like bondage and using a bed restraint, but it sure does fit into the kink category.

Unfortunately, one of the most difficult things is finding reliable companies who make kink products like machines. And seriously that is a major problem because let me tell you, sex machines will give you the ultimate orgasm. You’ll have a hard time using anything else once you find the right one. Sadly, many of the sex machines are made in foreign countries with little oversight. The goal is to prevent individuals from buying sex machines that would not stand up to oversight in the USA. We believe in incorporating several things when going to purchase a sex machine to prevent that from happening.

Always Check Certifications

Always ensure the product you’re purchasing has the proper certifications. Several things to find certifications for: (1) materials safe on skin and/or inside the body; (2) electronics inside the sex machine certified RoHS and CE; (3) are the materials and ingredients used sustainable and safe for the environment; and, (4) safe to use without breaking or injuring the user.

Go To The Store And Ask Questions

A lot of people are often uncomfortable going into sex stores. However, we often find that going into stores is the best way to actually get more comfortable with all things sexual. Most of all, staff at the many sexual wellness shops we’ve had a chance to go to, know the ins and outs of every sexual wellness, BDSM and kink product out there. We personally love going to Hustler Hollywood in Hollywood, California. We have found that they have several great employees always looking to provide detailed and helpful information. We’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Hannah on multiple occasions. Hannah knows more about sexual wellness, BDSM and kink than just about anyone else I’ve met. If you have never bought a sex machine, I recommend you stop in at the Hustler on Hollywood, and talk to Hannah about any of your sex machine needs and desires.

Still don’t want to go to a store? Check out our favorite reviewer of all things Sex Machines.

There are several great reviewers out there, but we believe the best person to go to for reviews on the kink of sex machines, is the great blogger and reviewer, Joanne. Joanne runs Joanne provides first hand accounts of how sex machines perform for her. She’s says she not a professional writer, but she will sure make you feel like you’re right there in the room with her.

Sex machines are a great way to explore more intense sexual sensations. We really hope you check out some machines so you get a chance to experience the ultimate orgasm.

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