The Best Lube For Sex Toys: The Different Types of Lube & Benefits For Sex, Anal Sex & Sex Toys!

So, you’ve got your sex toy(s), you’re super excited to use it, and then you realize that you’re missing an absolutely key component - lube! Lube not only helps to make sexual experiences with (and without) sex toys more pleasurable, but it also reduces friction between your body and the object that you’re using, therefore reducing the likelihood of pain, uncomfortable chafe, and irritation.

But, the truth is, not all lubes are the same, and in fact, some types of lube are not suitable for certain types of toys. So, it’s not quite as simple as running to the drug store or ordering the first product you see online. But don’t panic, that’s why we are here!

We’re going to be giving you a guide to lube for sex toys, telling you what kind of lube you should be using to perfectly suit yourself and your specific types of toys, as well as tell you a little about the benefits of lube and the different types of natural lube!

Benefits of Lube

Whether your using sex toys, self-pleasuring with your own hands, or you’re having sex with a partner, lube provides an array of benefits that both increase your pleasure and improve your physical health.

- It enhances pleasure

Lube enhances the pleasure you experience when engaging in any kind of sexual activity since it is slippery, creates greater stimulation, can increase blood flow, and also heighten arousal.

- It can help with vaginal dryness

If you’re someone that struggles with vaginal dryness, lube can help to ease the process of penetration either with a sex toy or a partner - lube is sometimes absolutely necessary for some people to be penetrated.

- It’s essential for anal penetration

Unlike the vagina which can provide its own type of natural lubrication, the anus does not. If you experience anal penetration without lube, the tissue within the anus may tear, which can lead to pain, bleeding, and potential infections.

- It reduces the risk of injury

As just mentioned, lube can reduce the risk of injury for anal penetration, but it can also protect from injury with vaginal penetration, sex toy penetration, and foreplay. Without using lube, you may cause yourself pain, tear tissue, experience chaffing, and other not so lovely types of injuries, so lube up and reduce the risk of hurting yourself!

- It can reduce the likelihood of condoms breaking or coming off

Although certain types of lube can damage condoms (don’t worry, we will explain this later in the article!), most types of lube actually reduce the likelihood of a condom breaking or coming off due to the fact that it aids penetration and allows everything to flow a little smoother.

Natural Types of Lube

Before we dive in and tell you about the different types of artificial lubes out there that you can use with either your toys, yourself, or your partner(s), we thought we’d tell you a little bit about the natural types of lube out there too - pretty amazingly, the body can supply us with everything we need for vaginal penetration (anal is a little different, as already briefly touched on!).

Arousal Fluid - Arousal fluid, also sometimes known as vaginal fluid, occurs as a result of arousal (hence the name!) within the vagina - this type of fluid tells you that you’re ready for penetration. During this time, the labia and the clitoris will also become aroused and larger, giving you another indicator that you’re turned on.

Menstrual Blood - Although some people aren’t so keen on getting jiggy with it when they’re experiencing their time of the month, menstrual blood can be used as natural lube.

Saliva - Saliva is a wonderful type of lube that you can use with sex toys or a partner. Of course, it can also be created during the act of oral sex!

Different Types of Sex Toy Lubricant

Although there are hundreds of thousands of different lubes out there, there are three main types of lube (water, silicone, and oil), all of which have their own pros and cons list attached to them!

There’s also a type of lube called a hybrid, which is typically a combination of water and silicone. However, not many people tend to use these types of lubes, understanding that it’s better to choose one of the top three that specifically suits them!

So, let’s take a look at the different types of lubes out there and which toys you should use with which type!

Water-Based Lube

Water-based lube is probably the most common type of lube - if you’re going to head to a chemist and pick a lube up, it’s likely going to be a water-based one!

This type of lube is the most common due to the fact that it’s pretty good for everything - you can use it for penetrative sex, masturbation, and use with pretty much all sex toys on the market!

However, water-based lube can be slightly sticky and you do have to apply quite a lot in order for it to work as you may desire. This type of lube isn’t great if you’re planning on having some fun in the shower or bath either, seeing as it’s easy to wash away.

So, if you require a super slippery lube, or you’ve spent hours charging your favorite toy and you’re planning a long session with your toy, you might be best picking a different type of lube.

Silicone-Based Lube

Silicone-based lubes are much more slippery, last a lot longer, and go a lot further than water-based lubes. In addition, you can use this type of lube in a shower or bath, since it is harder to wash away than its water-based alternative.

This type of lube can be used for all types of penetrative sex but is especially popular with those engaging in anal play and anal penetration.

This type of lube is also safe to use with condoms, whether they’re latex or not, which is great news - you can keep those STIs at bay and still have a slippery, good time!

However, when it comes to sex toys, if you are using a silicone sex toy (like our wonderful Alora silicone dildo!), silicone-based lube should be avoided since it may break down the material of the toy over time. Although, you can use this type of lube with glass and steel toys with no problem.

In addition, since silicone-based lubes are harder to wash away, this does mean that the clean-up process afterward may have to be a little more extreme than if you were using a water-based lube.

Oil-Based Lube

On to our final type of lube - oil-based lubes! This type of lube is much like silicone-based lube since they are slippy, last a long time, and you don’t have to use a lot to benefit from the desired effects, especially in comparison to water-based lubes.

This type of lube is perfect for use in the shower or bath, and even better, it can be used to perform sensual massages! It can also be used with pretty much all sex toys out there, including silicone sex toys.

However, oil-based lube does deteriorate condoms. Therefore, do not use oil-based lube if you are using a condom while engaging in sexual activity with a partner or if you are using a toy with a condom.

In addition, oil-based lubes are the hardest to clean up/off, so the aftermath can be a lot of work.

But our go to lube and personal favorite lube on the market is Foria Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD which offers clean, organic ingredients. Foria Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD can be used by everyone for every occasion, and has become an essential accessory in the bedroom. The 400mg broad-spectrum CBD in the Foria lube provides enhanced moisture, arousal and soothes and excites. The best part is that this lube is truly all-natural and free of added chemicals, with only two organically-grown ingredients.

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Best Lube For Silicone Sex Toys

Seeing as most high-quality sex toys are made from silicone (check out this article for more information on sex toy materials!), the best type of lube you can use with silicone sex toys is water-based lube.

However, you may also want to use an oil-based lube made from organic coconut, if you’re thinking of having a long, slippery love-making session with your toy! Just be aware that if you’re planning on using a condom on your toy, an oil-based lube isn’t a good choice!

Our Favorite Sex Toys To Lube Up With!

Now you know all about the different types of lube out there and the pros and cons of them all, it’s time that you take this knowledge and add some toys to the equation!

We’d like to highlight three of our best-selling toys that you may be interested in or check! Looking for more tips on sex toys, check out our blog posts here and here.

The Rabbit Vibrator

The Alora Rabbit Vibrator, with 9 vibration modes, dual-action technology, and a flexible shaft is the perfect toy to bring you intense blended orgasms.

Made from waterproof medical-grade silicone, it’s ideal for use in the shower, the tub, or the pool, just make sure you don’t just silicone-based lube with it!

The Pink Suction Cup Dildo

The Alora Pink Suction Cup Dildo is the best dildo out there for both vaginal and anal penetration. This 7-inch dildo features dual-action technology to simulate a realistic penis, and an internal keel to hit the g-spot (hence the perfect anal dildo!), and has an extreme suction cup for use anywhere!

Made from waterproof medical-grade silicone, get the water-based or oil-based lube out and enjoy!

The Hannah Pocket Pussy

The Alora Hannah Pocket Pussy is a real vagina mold male masturbator. Made from silicone, the pocket pussy provides a lifelike, soft-to-the-touch feeling, with added annular and salient lines that will take you to new heights of pleasure.

It’s essential to use lube with any type of male masturbator, so whack out the water-based or oil-based lube and have some fun. And based on reviews it's the best