Want To Restrain A Partner? Try A Sex Swing & Bed Restraint

Updated: Jun 14

Restraining a partner can be a fun way to change up the vanilla in the bedroom. It’s also a great way to increase pleasure. This article will discuss two methods of restraint: a sex swing and a bed restraint. Each has some great benefits, and provides a sexual experience like none other. SEX SWING BASICS Ever have an urge to try some great new positions while suspended in the air. Well we’re here to explain what a sex swing is and the sex swing positions you can explore while in a sex swing. A sex swing is a great way to experiment with your partner(s). Explore new positions while in a comfortable sex swing, suspended in air. Some sex swings require strong frames and beams to hold several mechanisms and straps in places in place when a human is in the swing. These swing typically require significant research on the safety of installation, but when installed correctly, these swings can be a lot of fun. These swings offer support for your buttocks, legs and arms, while suspending you in the air allowing for new sex swing positions. Lacking a sturdy ceiling to hang a swing from? Why not try the Door Swing? It hooks over any sturdy door and allows for great support of up to 300 lbs. The door swing is comfortable to sit in with thick velour cuffs. The set up takes less than 10 seconds, and it can easily be removed and tucked away discreetly. Oh and it can be taken anywhere on the go. So hotel room door swing sex could definitely be in the cards as long as the doors are sturdy. ​ SEX SWING POSITIONS Let’s start with this… It’s easier to orgasm while in a sex swing. As discussed in our previous article, Struggling To Orgasm? Learn About All The Different Kinds of Orgasms You Can Have!, flexing and contracting the muscles surrounding the genital areas is a critical part of producing arousal and orgasms. So while you’re in a door sex swing your hips are flexed, which creates the intense muscle contraction required for an intense orgasm.

So while in a sex swing like Alora’s Door Swing, you will have your legs pulled wide apart, which will allow a partner to deeply penetrate you. This in conjunction with the naturally induced muscle contraction from the door swing will help induce some mind blowing orgasm sessions. A partner can be facing you or have their back to you while in the swing. If your partner is facing you, you can engage in missionary style sex that will allow for the deepest penetration possible. This is also a great way to perform oral sex on your partner in the swing. In addition, a partner facing towards you in the door swing can lean their weight forward and perform oral sex on their unrestrained partner. A partner with their back to their partner in the door swing, can engage in doggie style sex. Hint: this is also a great way to engage in anal sex. Feel free to incorporate toys and other pleasure items during these fun fantasy sessions. If you’re not too fearful of changing up that vanilla lifestyle in the bedroom, you should give Alora’s door swing a try. ​ BED RESTRAINT BASICS Bondage incorporates the restraint of the body in a variety of ways. Typically pulling the limbs apart from one another does this. For example, spreading one’s legs apart or spreading one’s arms apart. One of the best ways to do this is by incorporating a heavy-duty bed restraint. Alora Bed Restraints are made of premium materials, with a focus on comfort and durability. Alora bed restraint was designed to be easy to use and easy to set up on any size mattress, including a California King bed. It features strong carabineer hooks, reinforced, adjustable nylon for added-pull tension, and O-rings sealed with metal to increase durability. The velour ankle and wrist cuffs are comfortable and adjustable, and you can also remove the cuffs to be used for solely handcuff play. ​

BED RESTRAINT POSITIONS As discussed in the previous section, flexing and contracting the muscles surrounding the genital areas is a critical part of producing arousal and orgasms. So while you’re in a bed restraint your hips are flexed, which creates the intense muscle contraction required for an intense orgasm. Engage in all of the same sexual positions you would normally except with one partner restrained. Adjust the straps to determine how far and wide your partner’s limbs are pulled. Remember communication is key here. We never want to do something against someone’s will. One of the best parts of completely restraining a partner’s limbs is your partner’s inability to stop the sexual pleasure they are receiving. Oftentimes a partner cannot handle the sexual tease of a feather or the breath of their partner on their body while they’re restrained. The tease is often the best part of restraining a partner. A great trick for getting extra use out of your bed restraint is to try it in different positions. Firstly, you can typically set up a bed restraint at the head and foot of the bed, or you can set it up at the sides of the bed. While using a bed restraint, the person in the restraint can lie face down or face up for more bed restraint positions. For more tips, check out How to Use Bed Restraints. Standing up with the bed restraint set up over a door, facing your partner or with your back to them also makes for a great use. Let us know in the comments section what your favorite ways to restrain a partner are and if you have any great positions to try while restrained.