What Is A Sex Swing? Everything You Need To Know About Sex Swings.

Updated: Jun 14

Whether you’re ready to add a little spice into your sex life, you’re eager to get some sex accessories to help engage in BDSM or bondage, or you’re simply wondering what is a sex swing and why people use them, you’re in the right place.

Sex swings are pretty much what they say they are: they’re swings that you use during sex! There are several different types of sex swings that provide their own set of benefits, but overall, sex swings help to enhance the sexual experience of the users by providing practical support (you don’t have to worry about the weight or strength of yourself or your partner to try new positions) and by supporting power play and bondage.

Since sex swings are often used by the BDSM community, the idea of using them often intimidates people, but there’s absolutely no need to be scared about bringing such an amazing and practical sex accessory into your home - even if you’re not into BDSM, they’re super beneficial! Really, they’re great.

However, before you start swinging around and enjoying yourself, we’re going to give you all of the information you need to know about sex swings - looking at the different types of swings out there, the benefits of each, positions to try when using sex swings, and our favorite sex swing of all time.

So, get strapped in, and let’s get right into all things sex swings!

What Does A Sex Swing Look Like?

Although there is a certain vision of what a sex swing looks like, that it hangs from something (typically a ceiling in people’s stereotypical view) and straps lock in the swing user, there are all different types of sex swings and some swings that you wouldn’t even know where sex swings (for example, aerial yoga swings and everyday hammocks can double as great sex swings!).

So, whilst you may have a preconceived idea of what a sex swing looks like, it’s probably best to get rid of that, take a look at the different types of sex swings out there, and learn.

The Different Types of Sex Swings:

Sex Slings

Sex slings are a type of sex swing that supports the whole body, with one singular large panel to sit in. Sex slings are made from a variety of materials, from leather and nylon webbing, to cushioned material and even wood! Typically, sex slings are attached to 4 posts to offer stability, meaning they’re not the easiest or most portable type of sex accessory! Although sex slings can offer comfort, they do limit the positions that you can try.

Door Sex Swings

Unlike sex slings, door sex swings are the most portable type of sex swing because you simply attach it to any strong door, and you’re good to go! Door sex swings are secured in place by the door frame and allow the user to slip right into the straps - some even have seat straps to add an extra level of comfort. Since both partners involved can maneuver the swing however they intend, this type of swing offers the ability to explore more positions.

Traditional Sex Swings

Traditional sex swings are made up of two straps and stirrups and they are typically hung from the ceiling, meaning you have to put a permanent hook into your ceiling. The fact that these types of swings are set away from walls and doorways (seeing as they’re hung from the ceiling!), gives you the ability to try out more positions and let loose a little more. However, the downside is that you do have to have a permanently installed hook in your ceiling which may look a little suspicious when people come around!

Body Sex Swings

Body sex swings are harnesses that are worn by one person and give the other person the ability to strap themself onto them, therefore supporting a variety of standing positions. These kinds of sex swings are obviously the most portable and technically “easy” to use. However, they limit the range of positions you can try and they do require the partner that wears the swing to be strong and resilient to your moves.

360 Sex Swings

360 sex swings are a type of sex swing that attaches to the ceiling much like traditional sex swings, (or they can sometimes have their own posts for stability). However, as the name suggests, they allow you to swing around in a 360 motion. Therefore allowing you to try all of the positions you can think of! Although, once again, the downside is that you have to permanently attach a hook to the ceiling or have a lengthy setup process.

Why Do People Use Sex Swings?

There’s no one answer to that question, people use sex swings for a wide range of reasons! Some people simply use sex swings in an attempt to spice things up if they have a rather “vanilla” type of sex life, whereas others are into bondage and use sex swings to enhance their sexual pleasure, and of course, people use sex swings for practical reasons too - maybe they can’t hold their partner and want to try a specific position or try a new, certain type of pleasure.

No matter what your reason for wanting to use a sex swing, it’s OK! Bringing up that you want to use a sex swing with your partner(s) can seem a little daunting at first, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with experimenting with sex accessories and sexual pleasure, in fact, it’s encouraged!

Try to release any shame you hold around the idea of using a sex swing, and if you do want to use one with a partner, be honest with them about your sexual exploration, and hopefully, they will be on the same page too!

Sex Swing Positions

Once you’ve decided to get yourself a sex swing (hint, our Alora door sex swing is pretty cool!), it’s time to start thinking about what type of sex positions you want to try!

Luckily, you don’t need to look too far, we’re going to give you a few ideas here! In fact, we have a whole article dedicated to sex swing positions!

Here are our top 5 positions you can experiment with whilst using a sex swing:

Relax In Fully Reclined Missionary

Although technically the most “basic” sex position, everyone loves classic missionary, so why not take it to another level when you use your sex swing? If you’re the one in the swing, lay right back and relax while your partner begins to thrust standing.

Doggy Style

Whether you’re wanting to have anal sex or vaginal penetration, doggy style in a sex swing is the perfect way to enhance your experience. The person in the swing just needs to lean over and make sure the swing is supporting their waist (you can even put your hands on the floor for deeper penetration), whilst the partner outside of the swing can take you from behind.

Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl

It’s not always the receiving partner that uses the sex swing, in fact, cowgirl is an incredibly pleasurable position to try using a sex swing where the penetrating partner swings! The penetrating partner simply needs to sit in the swing and have the receiving partner climb on top of them in cowgirl! If you prefer reverse cowgirl, just have the receiving partner turn their back to the partner in the swing.

Hanging Ass Out

Hanging ass out, although a little more of an advanced sex swing position, isn’t too hard to crack and can bring immense pleasure to those seeking anal penetration or anal play during vaginal penetration. The partner in the sex swing simply needs to let their ass hang below the seat, holding the straps on either side with their hands for balance and support, whilst the penetrating partner approaches behind or by lying on the floor below.

Generous Oral Sex

Sex swings are extremely useful when it comes to giving and receiving generous amounts of oral sex. All the partner who wants to be on the receiving end has to do is lie back and have their partner explore everything that’s on display. If you’re into bondage, being blindfolded and/or cuffed while enjoying oral sex in a sex swing can add to the experience.

Our Favorite Sex Swing Of All Time - The Alora Door Sex Swing

Now you know all about sex swings, you might be interested in buying yourself one! If you are, we’d like to highlight our Alora Door Sex Swing!

The Alora Door Sex Swing is an easy, portable, over-the-door sex swing that features medical-grade straps, premium velour suspension cuffs for added comfort, and supports up to 300lbs.

Free from harmful chemicals commonly found in adult toys such as parabens, BPA, and nickel, you can enjoy getting down and dirty whilst ensuring you’re clean and safe!

What’s Not To Love About Sex Swings?

Sex swings are there to make you feel good, not intimidate you or make you feel like you should use them in a certain way, so just have fun with it and enjoy experimenting with your sexuality! As always, just remember to be safe.