Sex Swing by Alora

Sex Swing: Over the Door BDSM Swing for Couples. Portable + Easy Setup.


✔ EASY TO USE & COMFORTABLE: Restrain a Submissive in a Sex Swing. Sexual Restraints designed in Los Angeles, ALORA® Over the Door BDSM Love Swing BDSM furniture includes premium velour suspension cuffs for comfort, adjustable medical grade straps for flexibility & tension locks supporting up to 300 pounds.


✔ INDOOR SWING FOR ANY DOOR & PORTABLE: Spice it up with a BDSM Harness, great for new positions & subtle BDSM sex games.


✔ 3rd PARTY TESTED & MADE WITH SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: ALORA® Door Swing is free of the harmful chemicals commonly found in BDSM products, such as parabens, BPA and nickel.


✔ MISSION DRIVEN & BASED IN LOS ANGELES: ALORA® was founded to create simple, effective BDSM products that are safe, clean and free of the chemicals found in other brands. We donate a percentage of profits to charities supporting sexual education and the planet.


✔ FREE AND DISCREET SHIPPING: Free Priority Mail Shipping throughout the USA. Products Shipped Daily. Discretion Guaranteed.

  • How To Use:

    • Easily set up on any sturdy door with maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs
    • Drape both metal tubes over the top of an open door
    • Close the door to lock the Door Swing into place
    • Lower the leg straps to easily slide thighs through the lower cuffs
    • Slide arms through the upper cuffs, while holding onto the straps for additional leverage and support
    • Easily adjust the straps to a comfortable height while in the Door Swing
  • Additional Information


    ALORA was founded to create simple, effective bondage products that are safe, clean and free of the chemicals found in other brands. My partner and I started ALORA after we had an allergic reaction to a wellness product, which we later learned was made with unsafe chemicals. Alora is also committed to making the world a better place, and we donate a percentage of all proceeds to charities supporting sexual education and the planet. 



    Designed with passion in Los Angeles, California, Alora's Door Swing, which can also be called an Over-The-Door Swing, Door Sex Swing, Couples Swing, BDSM Swing, Sex Sling or Love Swing, and may be considered a type of sex toy, Bondage Furniture or BDSM furniture, is made with the cleanest materials possible. Perfect for couples bondage play and featuring comfortable cuffs and adjustable straps, which are sometimes called , Sex Restraints or BDSM restraints, this product will satisfy anyone’s desires to suspend your partner in the air and try new sexual positions. Your partner won't be going anywhere!


    Alora will not be liable for any damages for personal injury, property damage, whether indirect, special or consequential loss, arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of our products.