Alora Suction Vibrator

Suction Vibrator for Women: 10 Oral Stimulation Modes + Fully Waterpoof Silicone


✔ SUCTION VIBRATOR: Pleasure yourself with a sex toy designed in Los Angeles with emphasis on simplicity & effectiveness. ALORA® Vibrator for women comes with swirling airflow technology for intense suction, with 10 suction modes for enhaced clitoris stimulation & waterproof silicone for safety & easy cleaning.


✔ CLEAN WATERPROOF MATERIALS: Body Safe Silicone sex toy is waterproof for use in the shower. 


✔ INTENSE SUCTION & RECHARGEABLE: 10 modes for varying degrees of intensity from soft kissing to intense oral sex simulation. The swirling airflow generated by intense internal vibrations creates a vacuum-like suction, wrapping around your chosen area, offering incredible pleasure for both men & women. USB cable provided for easy recharging.


✔ MISSION DRIVEN & BASED IN LOS ANGELES: ALORA® was founded to create simple & effective adult toys for women & men, with clean materials, free of the chemicals found in other brands. We donate a percentage of profits to charities supporting sexual education and the planet, and are a proud member of 1% For The Planet.


✔ FREE & DISCREET SHIPPING: Free Priority Mail Shipping throughout the USA. Products Shipped Daily. Discretion Guaranteed.



1.Body-Safe silicone 

2. 100% waterproof 

3. Colors: ALORA® Pink, ALORA® Deep Purple, ALORA® Lacey Beige

4. 10 Suction Modes

5. Fully Rechargeable Vibrator with USB charger included.

6. UPC: 00860002580432