Under Bed Restraints by Alora®

Bondage Under Bed Restraints Set: Plush BDSM Ankle + Wrist Cuffs.


✔ EASY TO USE & COMFORTABLE: Restrain partners to any bed with ALORA® Bed Restraints. Sexual Restraints designed in Los Angeles with emphasis on effective design of submissive bdsm-gear. Made with 4 premium velour bondage cuffs for comfort, adjustable medical grade bondage straps for flexibility & carabineer hooks for durable sex furniture.


✔ DISCREETLY FITS ANY BED: Under Bed Restraints Set is adjustable, and fits a California King Bed. 


✔ EXCITING BDSM HANDCUFFS! BDSM wrist cuffs & ankle restraints can easily be removed to create your own handcuffs set. Restrain your partner in a variety of ways to create the ultimate sexual fantasy experience.


✔ 3rd PARTY TESTED, SAFE & MADE WITH SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: ALORA Bed Restraints are 3rd party tested and free of the harmful chemicals commonly found in BDSM products, such as parabens, BPA and nickel.


✔ MISSION DRIVEN & BASED IN LOS ANGELES: ALORA was founded to create simple, effective BDSM products that are safe, clean and free of the chemicals found in other brands. We donate a percentage of profits to charities supporting sexual education & the planet.


✔ FREE AND DISCREET SHIPPING: Free Priority Mail Shipping. Products Shipped Daily. Discretion Guaranteed with Discreet Packaging.



"ALORA was founded to create simple, effective bondage products that are safe, clean and free of the chemicals found in other brands. My partner and I started ALORA after we had an allergic reaction to a wellness product, which we later learned was made with unsafe chemicals. Alora is also committed to making the world a better place, and we donate a percentage of all proceeds to charities supporting sexual education.”



Designed with passion in Los Angeles, California, Alora Bed Restraints, which can also be called Under Bed Restraints, Bondage Restraints, Sex Restraints, Couples Restraints or BDSM Bed Restraints, are made with the cleanest materials possible. Perfect for couples bondage play and featuring comfortable cuffs and adjustable straps, which are sometimes called Sex Straps, this product will satisfy anyone's desires to pin your partner down. Your partner won't be going anywhere!

  • How To Use:

    • Easily set up on any size mattress
    • Simply slide the straps underneath the mattress, with the large metal O-ring in the middle of the underside of the mattress
    • Clip each of the four individual Alora cuffs to the corresponding O-Ring
    • Your Alora cuffs can be positioned at both the head and foot of the bed, or the cuffs can be placed on the sides of the bed
    • Adjust the length of the straps to create the experience you desire
    • Tuck your cuffs under the mattress after use