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Choosing a Sex Toy

How does a person find a great sex toy is a question we get asked a lot. We decided to share our research with you.​

Adult Sexual Education Blog
BDSM is for You

Ever have the most fleeting thoughts about Bondage or being Restrained. Well we’re here to help you explore those thoughts and put them into healthy action and engage with ethical bondage products.  

Adult Sexual Education Blog
Anal Sex for Beginners

Get ready to learn how to introduce yourself and a partner to anal sex so it is pleasurable for everyone.

Adult Sexual Education Blog
The Health Benefits Of BDSM & Kink

Learn about the health benefits of BDSM and Kink, and a discussion on the common misconceptions associated with the practice. 

Adult Sexual Education Blog
Sex Machines

Ever thought of using a sex machine to get your sexual pleasure and enjoy fantasy experiences. Here's a step-by-step guide to choosing a sex machine.

Adult Sexual Education Blog
Are Sex Toys, BDSM Gear & Kink Destroying Our Planet?

Using Sustainable and Cleaner materials in Ethical Sex Toys, BDSM Gear and Kink is necessary to prevent harming the earth. Learn about what materials are currently used in your sexual wellness products, and how we can clean it up together.

Adult Sexual Education Blog
Self Confidence & Sexual Exploration

Your self confidence is directly linked to sexual exploration and a happy sex life. Read more for details on how you can reach peak self confidence and enhance your sexual experiences and pleasure.

Adult Sexual Education Blog
Struggling To Orgasm? Learn About All The Different Kinds of Orgasms You Can Have!

Never compromise your own pleasure. If you are struggling to orgasm or want to learn about all the different ways to orgasm, then you should definitely check out this article. Learn about all of you orgasm inducing zones and how to use them to cum!


Restraining a partner can be a fun way to change up the vanilla in the bedroom. It’s also a great way to increase your sexual pleasure!