Sex Toys and BDSM Gear Are Destroying Our Planet

Sex Toys and BDSM Gear- Destroying Our Planet


Caring about the environment is nothing new. But understanding our impact and how we can help the environment has been evolving exponentially over the last several years. 


There are many ways we as individual citizens of the planet reduce the carbon footprint we leave. Many people talk about using less single use plastic bottles, driving a hybrid instead of a gas-guzzling car. Maybe you’ve even stopped airplane travel or began riding a bike to work. However, there is always more we can do for the environment and planet.


So how about we start the discussion on sexual wellness products. Sex toys and BDSM gear are destroying the planet, and it’s time to begin demanding clean and ethical sex toy products and BDSM gear for the industry and ourselves. 



Sex toys are destroying our planet! Between the materials being used and product obsolescence, the sex toy industry needs to start making changes, and the individuals using the products need to demand better and cleaner sex products. Look if you don't care about yourself or the planet, maybe you care about the impact sex toy materials could have on your dog.



Sex toys are most commonly made from plastics and silicone. Plastics and silicone sex toys often use certain chemicals to produce certain affects like color or hardness. Many of these chemicals have disastrous impacts on our bodies’ internal organs as well as hurting the environment.



According to the Mayo Clinic, BPA stands for bisphenol A, and is an industrial chemical. Research has shown that it can seep into our bodies through exposure, and have harmful affects on our bodies’ internal function.



According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Phthalates are a group of chemicals used to make plastics more flexible and harder to break. Unfortunately, research has shown that phthalates have an affect on the human reproductive system, and the CDC says more research is needed to understand the full extent of the harmful effects of this chemical.


Planned Obsolescence

According to Investopedia, “Planned Obsolescence” is a strategy utilized by companies, in which the design is made to inherently ensure that the product will become obsolete or non-functional within a designated timeframe. Thus, companies are choosing to make products from materials that are harmful, and also extremely unreliable. 


Not only does this include the materials used, it also includes all technology within the products. This could be charging mechanisms, batteries, etc. 


A consumer needs to know that companies are intentionally doing this, and it runs rampant in the sex toy industry. 



BDSM gear has many of the same issues sex toys have. Most BDSM gear is made up of products from harmful materials that also contribute greatly to our carbon footprint.



Leather is one of the main culprits here. Leather is obviously a huge kink, and it is something people have gotten off on for years. One of the main issues with leather is that it is an animal byproduct, and is inherently not sustainable. While we can do our best to recycle leather and to purchase refurbished leather goods, the main goal should be to eliminate leather from our BDSM gear arsenal.


In addition, latex and plastics are commonly used to make BDSM gear. Latex is a natural rubber made from trees, and is highly sustainable. However, most latex is combined with various chemical agents to provide the shape and hardness desired. Thus, despite latex being sustainable, the chemical agents that accompany it are not sustainable in the slightest. 


Any time you see “vegan leather” promoted by a company, you should immediately run! The kink and BDSM gear made from “vegan leather” is just plain plastic. This plastic is called polyurethane, and it is used in many products we come into contact with.


















Polyurethane is a petroleum-based plastic that is destroying our world one product at a time, and is highly contributive to our negative carbon footprint. As Kinksters and BDSM Practitioners one should avoid “vegan leather” kink and BDSM products from top companies like Kink, Sportsheets, Extreme Restraints, Doc Johnson and Stockroom. No matter how they try to sell it you, it’s just hazardous plastic! If you’re in need of clean and ethical kink, BDSM and bondage gear, you should check out the company doing it with the cleanest bondage products on, like a door swing and bed restraint.


The plastic discussed above, Polyurethane, is killing each of our bodies. Polyurethane is known to leak something called “Isocyanates”, which is the “main contributor to occupational asthma”. 100% Polyurethane-based products can cause harmful reactions to one’s skin, eyes, nose and throat, which can lead to breathing difficulty.




There are many lubes that are natural and made from sustainable resources. However, many of the common brands contain petroleum as well. In addition, they also contain chemicals such as Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Propylene Glycol, Chlorhexidine, and Glycerin. These chemicals can be toxic, hazardous cause vaginal yeast infections, irritation, and degrade your skin’s permeability and functionality. Do your best to find sustainable and natural lubes by identifying common 3rd party environmental certifications on the lube’s label.



Lingerie products typically suffer from many of the same issues of the above product categories like product obsolescence. In addition, many of the products are made from the typical petroleum plastic, polyurethane. Polyurethane often contains BPA and Phthalates. If you haven’t caught on yet, these are in just about every common product we use, and extremely detrimental to the environment and our bodies.






Do your best to try to find environmentally conscious brands that are sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly, and avoid cheap lingerie that is often just thrown in the trash after a single use.


Most condoms are made from latex. However, the latex is typically combined with various chemical agents to harden, preserve and stabilize the condom. While latex is typically considered biodegradable, the timeline for it to biodegrade is disputed, as is the idea that it completely biodegrades without an impact on our environment.  In addition, you have polyurethane condoms, which are just petroleum-based plastics. There are some sustainable and natural latex companies that have some positive effects on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint, like the company, Sustain. 



Finding clean, sustainable and ethical BDSM gear and sex toy products is not an easy task. However, the downsides of using unsafe, unclean and unsustainable sex toy products and BDSM gear should far outweigh those difficulties in identifying clean sexual wellness products. 

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